Nitrotracker Sample-Kit installation

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To install these (or any) samples on your SD-card for use in Nitrotracker, simply create a folder anywhere on the SD card for use in a M3, R4 or Cyclo DS, etc. I myself have a “samples” folder in a “Documents” folder where i also have a “music” and “pictures” directory. Whatever suites your taste, Nitrotracker 0.4 loads samples from anywhere. It couldn’t be simpler.

Seno DS:

For Seno DS to pick up these samples, follow these steps:
1. Download the mono versions of the sample kits.
2. Take the samples out of the folders and put them in a folder named “seno1″, “seno2″, “seno3″ or “seno4″. (without quotes of course.)
3. Put this folder on the ROOT of the SD card you use for the R4, M3 or whatever flashcard you use.
4. Jam!

These samples are optimized for use in a low-RAM environment like the Nintendo DS. But running these .wav files through any other application should not get you into any type of problems. Download & enjoy!

PSP Rhythm:

PSP Rhythm has a file-browser build into the application, so place them where you want. The browser always starts inside the game folder (same place as the EBOOT.PSP file), so putting it there means easier access. Whatever you do, put it on the same memory(-stick) as PSP Rhythm itself.

Hypnotic acid sounds, malignant dub-tracks and relentless drums