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Techno? I Say Techyes! 7

A dub techno special this time round!

Deep dubby grooves from back in the day till now. With tracks by Maurizio, Samuel L. Session, Pig & Dan, Heiko Laux, Wax, Radio Slave and many many more.

Techno? I Say Techyes! 6 – By The Creek edition

Part 6 of my Techno podcast is online!

By The Creek edition.

Saturday the 9th of July 2016 was the first edition of By The Creek festival near the city of Utrecht. Club BASIS hosted a stage under the freeway and it was A-MA-ZING! Sh*t went down hard and fast. I dedicate this podcast to By The Creek and Basis. I hope to see many such parties this year and the next and forever.

Note: From now on my alias Son of 8-Bits will be used for techno, acid and electro. And JordyVision for house and tech house. Just so you know! I’ve been AFK for a while. To make up for this part 7 of Techno? I Say Techyes! will be online next week!

Frank & Vrij – Rock The House

DJ duo Frank & Vrij are back!

In this episode Frank & Vrij are warming up your weekend. Expect anything from Ata Kak to Ricardo Villalobos. Deep, warm and melodic to suite your summer festival needs.

Frank & Vrij – Disco Demo Summer 2016

Together with Frank M. A.K.A. Laatbloeier I put together this disco demo

Get your groove on and boogie down!


HTTPS – Provided by Let’s Encrypt

An encrypted (secure) connection for free

https lock

“SSL should be a basic right!” That might or might not have been what the developers behind Let’s Encrypt thought. If so, I agree and if not, hey, what’s there not to like about a free certificate that actually works?

Currently, I wouldn’t try this if you’re not comfortable in the command line (shell). If that’s not a problem to you I suggest signing-up for the Let’s Encrypt public beta and encrypt away! If not, keep an eye on the project, I’m sure the installation and certificate generation process will get much easier in the near future.