Showkaas King’s Night & King’s Day [25-4-2014-26-4-2014]

Showkaas Presents, in cooperation with DJ School Utrecht

Showkaas K-Night & K-Day

Free event to celebrate our king’s birthday, in the heart of the Netherlands: Utrecht.

DJ line-up:

Night (Back to back!), from 19:30 – 01:00
Doktor Know
Matthias Klein
Actitect (live)

Day, from 13:00 – 18:00
Dave Mech
Doktor Know
Matthias Klein


Weerdsingel Oostzijde 42, Garage Autoweerd



Revenge Pop-up Vinyl market – 19/4/2014 – Record Store Day

Where you can even come sell your own vinyl!

Revenge Vinyl Market banner - Record Store Day 2014

Check the Facebook event page for more details and information. Contact me for more info on selling your records.

DJ Line-up:

Time and location:

From 11:30 till 17:30.
Voorstraat 6, 3512AM Utrecht.

Event on Facebook
Website Revenge


Ethercalc on Raspberry Pi with node.js

Multiplayer spreadsheets for your Raspbian installation


Whether you need to work on spreadsheets with multiple people or you just want an online/mobile server to host your spreadsheets, Ethercalc has got you covered. And as far as I know it’s the only to do it in multiplayer. That is, until I can finally get Apache Wave to run on the RasPi..

So let’s get this show on the road, we start off by making sure everything is up to date with a:

$ sudo apt-get update

Followed by a:

$ sudo apt-get upgrade

Now we’ll install node.js on the Raspberry Pi. Since I couldn’t have made it any easier or explained any better, I’ll redirect you to this tutorial for that. It’s okay, I’ll wait here until you’re done…

All installed and ready to go? Good! Let’s continue where we left off. Now that node is up and running, we need to install Ethercalc itself. This doesn’t work via the usual apt-get command, but instead it’s installed via NPM. Luckily, this software comes bundled with node.js nowadays, so that’s one less thing to worry about. So we can skip straight to installing Ethercalc:

$ sudo npm i -g ethercalc

For a while you’ll see “things” happen in the command line. Don’t be scared, these are nice, happy, and exciting “things”. But they do take a while. After the installation is finished you can congratulate yourself on a job well done and grab a coffee. However, you do want to actually use Ethercalc right? So when you’re back with your coffee we’ll do the following: Install Forever, and run Ethercalc via Forever.

$ sudo npm install forever -g

Again, happy, fantastic little things should be happening in the terminal. When it’s done installing you can run Ethercalc with the following command. Keep in mind that you will need to run this command everytime you boot up your Raspberry Pi.

$ forever -s start node-v0.10.2-linux-arm-pi/bin/node_modules/ethercalc/bin/ethercalc

And hey presto, it runs and is accessible through http://YOUR.RASPI.ADDRESS:8000



Showkaas Open (15-02-2014)

DJ, VJ and producer network meeting at Berenkuil Utrecht

ShowKaas Open: Banner

Like to share your tracks with fellow producers? Jam with likeminded technoheads, jack with fellow house music connoisseurs, listen to what others have been making and share your opinion and knowledge? This is the place for performers and producers of electronic music to get together and share experience. There’ll be a sound system to present and play your tracks, there’ll plenty of power-outlets if you’d like to bring your own machinery. From effect-unit to homebrew soft and hardware, laptop to synthesizer, everything can be hooked up on the spot! There’ll even be headphone splitters available for on-the-fly cooperating.

ShowKaas Open: FloorplanShowKaas Open: Legend

On the right is the map for the location, and directly below you’ll find the legend to the icons on the map. Click to enlarge either picture for further inspection.

Entry: Free! With drinks and snacks available at the bar. Don’t forget to bring your own headphones! And if you’d like to receive feedback on your tracks, bring it on a USB stick or burn it to CD.

Date: 15th of February 2014. The day kicks-off at 13:00 CET (GMT +1) and ends at 17:00.

Location: Jeugdtheater de Berenkuil
Biltstraat 166
3572 BP Utrecht

RSVP (and more info) On Facebook 




Flyer design by Joris Visser.

Video by Thierry Branderhorst.


31-01-2014 Combo Birthday Bash: David, Frans, Jordy

This friday (31-01-2014)…

Matthias Klein vs Doktor Know, DJ Diablo, JordyVision, Dave Mech

..I’m celebrating my birthday! Together with friends David (Dave Mech) and Frans.


Matthias Klein vs Doktor Know
DJ Diablo (Daniel English)

JordyVision (moi!)
Dave Mech

Starts at 20:00, finishes at 01:00. Gonna be good, mates! House music, deep house, techno and of course birthday songs! YEAH!


Klein Berlijn

Briljantlaan 5 A
3552AG Utrecht

RSVP on Facebook