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Another great attribute for learning Japanese is the Nintendo DS

My Japanese CoachThe best application available for learning Japanese is an official release called ‘My Japanese Coach‘ by Ubisoft. In this learning tool you learn Japanese step by step in a playful way. The “games” used for learning the language don’t feel pointless, with the exception of “Hit-A-Word”. But so far, I haven’t encountered this mini-game anymore since lesson 6, where you get an introduction to Kana in the form of Hiragana.

What helped me learn Hiragana so fast (In a week! – Ed) is the homebrew application ‘Project JDS‘. A simple yet usefull application based on tutoring the Kana. You can choose to learn Romaji to Katakana, Romaji to Hiragana and Katakana to Hiragana, and all of these in reverse order if one wishes to do so. Project JDS has some nice added features in the form of an audio preview and an animated preview on how to write the Kana, and what order to perform the strokes in.

There are more applications available like ‘Kanji Sonomama Rakubiki Jiten (Kanji Dictionary). But they seem a little to hardcore for me right now. And the above two cover the same ground. Though I must say, I have yet to complete ‘My Japanese Coach’, so I don’t know how far that “game” goes.



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