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Almost there now

The second installment of the Nitrotracker Sample-Kit is done!

Only thing left to do now is to test the samples out on my nintendo DS, zip them up and put them on my website.
But you see, the thing is, i’m in Leeuwarden right now, a two hour trainride from the city of Utrecht. And that’s where my DS is..
So expect it to pop up sometime this weekend. No sooner.

I am, ofcourse, in Leeuwarden for my third year of college. And it’s gonna be an exciting year. Loads of tracks, ready for publishing. A (for now) secret, but very interesting, project. And hopefully loads of performances. I’ve been totally owning Traktor DJ the last week, so expect a demo to appear some time soon. Along with a maybe tip or trick for using the application.

If you’d like to listen to something nice, check out: Wisp. Dunno who he is, but he’s recently been signed to Rephlex. I like his style so give him a listen. And if you like what you hear, you can download all of his freely released music on