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Prowess Records: New look, first release

Our web-designer has worked on the website using our wishes, input and his own imagination and has rolled out the resulting web-code. Go to Prowess Records to view the public beta! (And feel free to sign up to our RSS-feed.)

Soon, Prowess Records will release it’s first EP featuring yours truly using my new pseudonym: JordyVision. The first release will be called “Van Charles De Gaulle Naar KIX” with tracks such as “Kittens”, “ソフィ & フェリシア” (Sophie & Felicia) and “んゆー!” (Nyu!). I’m currently mastering these tracks and sorting-out the artwork. In about six weeks these tracks will be available in the iTunes store!

Also, this is my hundredth blog post! And to celebrate the event I want to show you the talents of 電気グルーヴ の プェール瀧 (Denki Groove’s Pierre Taki):

ピエール瀧の体操42歳 (Pierre Taki’s 42 year old gymnast)

Website RE-Design

Last night my site got a nice brush up

The Magicblue theme i had going up until now did the trick nicely, but wasn’t perfect. I wanted it to start looking more like ‘my own website’ and turn the WordPress slider down by a notch. So i mixed Studio Krater into the action. Once i had those two beatmatched and synced just nicely i decided to slam the crossfader and ‘eh voila’; The site now has a personal touch! After some EQ’ing and transform to make sure the two still contrasted in a cooperative way, we could finally call it a night. (At 4 ‘o’ clock in the morning..)

Check the Designer’s blog for more details.

New website design

Last night the new design of my website was unveiled to me.

I hope you like it! I do. Blue suits me a little better than green does, and the DS is there for fun, and because i owe a lot of traffic to the small touchscreen device. As usual for me these days; Keep coming back to check it out, the design will gradually move towards it’s final point of perfection.

A very special thanks goes out to Studio Krater for designing my website. This is the second design Studio Krater has done for me, and Studio Krater also build the (content) engine behind it. Be sure to check him out on his website: