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HTTPS – Provided by Let’s Encrypt

An encrypted (secure) connection for free

https lock

“SSL should be a basic right!” That might or might not have been what the developers behind Let’s Encrypt thought. If so, I agree and if not, hey, what’s there not to like about a free certificate that actually works?

Currently, I wouldn’t try this if you’re not comfortable in the command line (shell). If that’s not a problem to you I suggest signing-up for the Let’s Encrypt public beta and encrypt away! If not, keep an eye on the project, I’m sure the installation and certificate generation process will get much easier in the near future.


Site update! 2.5 SE

Seb Lee Logo

Version 2.5 of my website! A huge overhaul, and a new version in it’s own right.

Designer Seb Lee has put a monstrous amount of work into tweaking the design of my website. Did you see that banner, up above? That wasn’t easy you know. That’s blood, sweat and tears right there! (OK, OK, just cramp in his fingers, both hands.)

I tweaked the DNS to squeeze Bandcamp into the site, and again Seb Lee made it possible to integrate the whole design. Check it out by clicking that button up there labeled “music“.

Show him you appreciate it as much as I do by giving him a good ‘ol likey, likey on the book ‘o’ faces.
(Fun fact: Calligraphy of the logo was done by me.)

Thanks Seb, it really ties the room together.

New page: Music

To host the music I make, I made a new page right here on Thanks to Bandcamp I can finally do this in a way suitable to the website.

So head on over and take a look at my music page. All the tracks are neatly sorted and have some additional info you won’t read elsewhere..

Downloads & In The Mix page updates

I’ve added a new download to the downloads page; JordyVision – Droomweg – The Remixes. Prowess Records release PROWREC003.

And I’ve embedded my Mixcloud mixes on the In The Mix page.

Enjoy (・ω・)

Some web hosts suck

The Road To Japan will be broadened (anytime soon). But…

There are so many things I’d like to add to my Road To Japan page at the moment. But I can’t! Since I’m unable to edit the page since a few months. My web-host’s server allows me too little RAM to host this website properly and therefor when I open up the website administration I get a fatal error saying it’s RAM is depleted. I’m currently switching hosts, and after the site is hosted on a RAM-filled environment I can show you more stuff about my road to Japan.

I’ll restructure the page with sub-pages including: 日本語 (Japanese Language), personal events, Business, pictures from during my travels, and (wait for it…) more. Expect the language page to become the biggest though.

More about my mission to do a simple task such as opening a web-page in an editor soon.