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Free online backup of audio projects: Gobbler


When you make music on your computer, (and let’s face it, who doesn’t these days. One way or the other,) there’s always the lingering thought of your drives crashing and you losing your data, and thus your work…

Well, Gobbler‘s got the solution for all you producers out there: Free online backup of your Ableton, Reason, Logic, Cubase (and other) projects, including the AIFF/WAV files, MP3’s and I even noticed it backed-up a short movie-clip that I use as a sound-source in Ableton. This cloud-service is similar to our friend Dropbox, as it also allows you to share your files with your friends and other people you work with. But this one is aimed, and only meant for, music production, and gives you a lot more space as well!

During the beta you get 25GB of free cloud-space, and another 10GB when you finish the tutorial, similar to Dropbox. And like Dropbox you also get extra space for referring friends. So, want to keep your music projects safe, sign-up for Gobbler.

Cumulus DJ Workshop

Since the 8th of January, i have been the host and teacher at Cumulus for a DJ/Producer Workshop.

I’ve been trying to get everyone to create music on their laptops or home desktops by recommending software and helping them create midi setups. And so far things are going quite nice. The students are really eager to learn how to properly use oscillators, envelopes, filters and how to connects those is a creative and/or a productive way. Of course i can’t expect them to learn Reason or Ableton in a matter of a few weeks, but one of them tried Ableton for the first time last night and was using it to create useful sequencing in a matter of 30 minutes! He has only been using a computer to create music for little more then a month. This really shows the ease of use of Ableton’s Live application.

From the start of the workshop/courses I’ve also been trying to inspire them to think about they’re marketing; What sound do i play? Where is the audience or scene you’re looking for? If they don’t ask themselves this question, there is little point in thinking about the next point on the same agenda; Promotion.

To make a nice start using promotional tools, I’ve set-up a WordPress blog for the students to use. It’s only in Dutch, for we need to conquer our local audience first, but if things go as good as they supposed to, than expect a change of strategy…

Check it out @