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New Mixcloud Feature:

Embed all cloudcasts with one snippet of code!

Mixcloud: Embed all cloudcasts in one go

On your profile, (or that of someone else for that matter) you can see a little closing tag next to the word “Activity“, this one: “</>” (upper right in the above picture). One quick press on this button neatly embeds all cloudcasts (from that particular DJ) in one player. The code you get is similar to the one you’re already used to for embedding cloudcasts.

Here’s mine:

Happy embedding!

Bonsjoerd – 8-Bits of loneliness

The end of the year is coming, and all over the place you’ll notice “top 1000″‘s, “best this” and “best that‘s of the year” appear on the web, TV and radio. In this post I’ll tell you who my favorite DJ of the year 2009 is.


His name is Sjoerd and goes by the moniker “BonSjoerd“. He lives in Groningen, like me he mixes techno, tech-house, minimal and deep-house, but he uses completely different tracks and mixes ever so subtle. I listened one of his demo mixes many times while taking walks in Japan. A few weeks ago, when I told him I was missing Japan and wanted to go back, he made a mix for me! Luckily he uploaded the whole thing to soundcloud so everyone can enjoy.

So, here’s to my favorite DJ of 2009!

Bonsjoerd – 8 Bits Of Loneliness by Bonsjoerd

Mix Fix

One of the mixes that was missing after my site got accidentally wrecked, is back online!

You can find it, once again, in the mix.