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Getting Things Done with My Tiny Todo on Raspberry Pi

After iGTD was abandoned my GTD workflow was in disarray for a while. I wasn’t planning on paying a subscription for or buying software which used to be free..

My Tiny Todo - Open source list manager

So I quickly snapped up Evernote and Google Tasks, but, I was missing a quick way to empty my head and review what I needed to get done ASAP. Everything became dependent on notes and my own memory. And if you’re like me (or human for that matter) the latter isn’t a great way to manage a long and never ending list of tasks. After a few years the lists of things to do just stacked up. I kept forgetting things, missed opportunities, and all-in-all my life became messy again. Enter the Raspberry Pi and My Tiny Todo. (Edit: This’ll work on basically any linux server under your control, not just the RasPi.) Don’t know what Getting Things Done is? I recommend reading the book by David Allen.

The installation couldn’t be any easier in my opinion. Note: This tutorial assumes you have Apache or Nginx already installed and configured. There are numerous tutorials and resources on the web if you don’t. You have Apache or Nginx running? Great! Fire up your command line application, SSH into the RasPi if needed, and enter the following commands:

$ sudo apt-get update
$ sudo apt-get upgrade
$ sudo apt-get install php5 sqlite php5-sqlite

This’ll update the repository lists on your RasPi, upgrade any packages you might have installed, and will download and install PHP5, SQLite and a plugin so the 2 applications can work together. Next we grab the My Tiny Todo files, unzip em and remove the downloaded zipfile again:

$ wget
$ unzip
$ rm

Rename the folder if you like, by default it’ll be called ‘mytinytodo’, you can go with anything you like though. For this tutorial we’ll be using ‘gtd’ as an example:

$ mv mytinytodo gtd

And then we move the folders and files into the right place, and give them the correct privileges so Apache/Nginx, the PHP files and SQLite can talk to each other without any issues.

$ sudo mv gtd/ /var/www/
$ cd /var/www/gtd/
$ sudo chown -R www-data:www-data ./*

That last command changes ownership of every file and folder in the current directory to user www-data in group www-data, the default user and group for an Apache webserver. You can check if everything went well by issuing the following command:

$ ls -la

This should show you all the files in the current directory and who owns them. Now we repeat this step once again, as the folder itself also needs to be owned by www-data.

$ cd ..
$ sudo chown www-data:www-data gtd/

And you’re done with the terminal for now! Keep it open though, as we need to do 1 more tiny thing after the configuration screen. Fire up your favorite webbrowser and point it to the IP of your RasPi, followed by /gtd/setup.php. If you’re browsing on the Raspberry Pi itself, just go here: (Change the IP to that of your Raspberry Pi if you’re on another machine on the same local network.) This’ll give you an initial setup needed to configure and start My Tiny Todo. Choose SQLite and let it do it’s install-magic. We’re almost there now!

Now return to the command line and enter this.

$ sudo rm /var/www/gtd/setup.php

This’ll remove the setup.php file so other people can’t reconfigure your installation, safety first! And you’re done! You can now enter tasks, make lists and review your work. If your server is open to the internet and/or you don’t want family members, other people at work, people living in your house snooping on your projects, there’s one more thing you’ll definitely need to do. Go to ‘settings’ on the top-right of the My Tiny Todo screen (in your browser, remember). Go to ‘Password protection’ and click the ‘Enabled’ button. Next, enter a password of your choice. and hit the ‘Submit changes’ button. Now you’re safe from people snooping on you.

I hope this tutorial’ll help you get things done. If your webserver is open to the internet it might be wise to checkout how to enable SLL (https) so the password won’t go over the web unencrypted. Enjoy!

Edit: If you open up your server to the internet, you can access you tasks via any computer and smartphone (iOS, Android, Windows Phone) by surfing to your IP. Setting up a dynamic DNS service will really make your life a lot easier then.


End of the year (College)

Reports are being finished, projects are being finalized for the next phase, or are maybe even coming to an end.

The summer is coming, what are you gonna do? Well I’m gonna go to Japan again! To play at parties, to learn more about the language, to see, touch, smell, taste and hear more about Japan, to enjoy and to finally see Miss Lune again.

Last year I wrote a whole plan for my visit to Japan. But guess what actually happened to the mission. Nothing. Well, not much actually. But most of the time I was enjoying a brilliant holiday but hardly got round to doing what I wanted to do, mainly; DJ’ing, looking for jobs or an internship, making music with the new-found inspiration Japan was giving me and taking time to study the language. In the end, it wasn’t a disaster I didn’t do the work-related thing, since it was a good way to do research. In a non-forced, ‘just enjoying and keeping my eyes open’ kind of way. But this year I must make use what I’ve learned last time ’round.

First up: Editing last year’s plan. What did I find out last year that needs to be added for this year? What parts are useless for my plan, and what parts do I need to extend on? Not only the execution is a process, making a plan is a whole process in itself. Some parts get down on paper easily and only need the length of you imagination, other parts need your full attention, focus, and planning skills.

Second: Stay blogging (and tweeting) about my experiences. I don’t need to extend upon this, I only need to stay at it. Last year I didn’t blog as much as I’ve should.

Third: 頑張ります。Hang in there, do my best. It’s said so easily, isn’t it? But haven’t you ever had a sleepy day? It’s these days I need to motivate myself and stay fit. Since there so much fun to be had and people to talk to, the first part shouldn’t be a problem. Staying fit won’t be a much of a hassle either, given Japan’s curvy landscape. Just remember to bring a large bottle of water, and don’t forget a towel.

With three gigs awaiting me, part of the wheels are already in motion. It’s up to me to make good use of the momentum. I mean, really explore the space.

Back to School

The summer holiday is nearing it’s end, and I’ve been getting ready for a new year of college and projects. I can’t yet predict how the entire year will turn out, but there is one project i will spend a lot of time on. A project I’ve been waiting for a long time to realize. My own record-label.

Every DJ/Producer wants to get his or her tracks ‘out there’, and therefore i figured it would be the most pratical to start out myself. Why wait for a label to pick you up, or an agent to get your name spread, when you could do it yourself. Now, i’m not gonna say that i will take any form of succes for granted. But in these days and times having a GTD attitude is something that could get your far.

A smaller project that’s definitly not of lesser importance is a project that involves me going to Germany! Hamburg, Gamecity is my destination. But as of yet i have received little info about this trip, and so i will not say much more about it untill i do. Come Tuesday i might have more to tell ya’ll.
In the meantime, check out This talented producer has been working on his projects for many years now, and while i can try and explain his works in terms of genre, i should not as every track combines a few. Acid infused Hiphop is one of them. Progressive Acid-Techno meets analog Drum and Bass is another. All i can say is check it out for yourself. His website hosts many mp3’s of his making and volume 4 of his “Fahcid” series has just been released! The latest release entitled “Coracid Speed Acid” is up for grabs, completely free, just like the rest of the series and much, much more at:

Or check out his portfolio site:

And let’s not forget to add him on Myspace.