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A closer look

Today we’ll have another closer look at some of the artist I’ve been getting to know over the past few years.

You might remember Fah and his great work. Which i wrote a blog about last week. Be sure to take a good listen at his Fahcid EP’s. Which have been doing the rounds in my iTunes player for many times now.

Second on my list is Unmarked Noise. This IDM producer has his roots in Industrial and abstract Techno, which, one could easily notice listening to his tracks on myspace. His initial track ‘Beserk rebel warthog’ reminds one of the ‘Analord’ series from the mighty Aphex Twin. While the other (newer) tracks keep this trent going, the ‘303’ used in his tracks could be mistaken for a lead singer. It’s really like it’s trying to talk to you (the listener).

Had enough of all the IDM above? Time to check out Fennek. Lovely (but never shallow) athmospheric House, Deep-House and Minimal like you’d expect to appear in my DJ-sets. Well, one SHOULD expect one or two of these to appear in my DJ-sets! As i think these tracks combine pretty good with Tiefschwarz latest. Together with fellow producer X-ecute they form High Tension and they focus more on the deep side of things. Be sure to check that out too.

Last, but not least:
Lovely Chords
I don’t know exactly how to classify this music. But any Electro-House lover should open it’s ears to this one. He takes his inspiration from French House, but I cant quite say that i’d compare his music to any of the Ed Banger artist. He has quite an unique view of Electro, and is a very nice guy to boot. So feel free to add him to your friendlist. Don’t forget to tell him i said hi!