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DJ Workshop

The first two lessons of the Cumulus DJ workshop

With your teacher; ME! haha. Well I’ve already done the first two outings. For now we are without turntables, but it’s not a big issue as I’m trying to tell a lot about the theory part of DJ’ing and producing first.

The first lesson was all about marketing. Sounds off to you? Well let me explain. I started DJ’ing quite some time ago, just for fun. I had no idea about the music industry, i just wanted to play some banging Techno tracks. If i had the slightest idea about my marketing, and how to promote my work, i would have been a much more successful DJ by now. That’s why i tried to get the students minds started on the subject; What kind of music do you wanna DJ, what genre? Think of what that sub-culture looks like, so you could create a website which suites the tastes of the audience your trying to reach. Self-knowledge is knowledge, knowledge is power.

Lesson two introduced MIDI to the students. It was a good thing the students already knew the protocol, so i could jump straight into the debunking and debugging. Like getting my laptop (iBook G4 running Ableton Live) to sync to the students laptops (also running Ableton Live). Now, we all now how easy it is to sync Ableton. Right? Well not this time, because we had to use a Behringer B-control to sync the systems. In the end we don’t know if rebooting both systems fixed the problem, or that the MIDI devices we were using, the above mentioned Behringer and a Phonic MIDI-hub, were bugging us. But they left for home happy and synced.

No DJ workshop next week, so no update until the week after.

My first job as a teacher

My first job as a teacher.

Today i had a meeting Carla van Stroe from ‘Cumulus‘. A welfare institute in the city of Utrecht. The meeting went well, allpresent parties were happy with the ideas and results of this brainstorm.

And now I find myself in the role of DJ-professor.Cool! As a cherry on the music-flavored icecream, the class’s final exam is a DJ-contest at a yet unknown location

More to follow.