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Bye 2009, hello 2010

You were great. I will always remember you.

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In another post I explained who (and why) my favorite DJ of 2009 is. In this post I’ll tell you about my favorite track of 2009. It’s shear beauty, it’s great production; melody, synths, vocals. And to me, essentially, it’s emotional value:

We listened to this song together in the car, an route to Himure in 滋賀 (Shiga) with お母さん behind the wheel. I already loved this song for personal reasons, but at that exact moment in time I realized, with a lump in my throat: “I don’t want to go home. I wanna stay here with マキちゃん forever. We were counting down the days till we could finally spend time together. Now that we are, I don’t wanna go!”

2009 was a brilliant year. I have good hopes for 2010, but, this year was special in so many ways. Unexplainable, I can’t put it in writing. So, without further ado I’ll let the music and my favorite track of 2009 do the talking.

Gui Boratto – No Turning Back

Of course, there were many more great tracks produced this year. Offaudio had some brilliant releases, Lele’s Marble EP was the best electro I’d heard in a while and my own productions have finally started to sound like release worthy. (Yes, yes, very soon, I’m sorry for the delay!) I’ve finally been able to toy around with real hardware, the MC-303 and TR-606 and the already brilliant Korg DS-10 found it’s big brother; Korg DS-10 Plus. Not too mention how kind Ableton Live has been to me the past months.

2009 was hard work and it had it’s downs. But the good memories outweigh the bad in so many ways. Thank you 2009, with you in the back-pocket, I can only imagine how brilliant 2010 will be. Thanks so much 2009 and please send me a postcard when you think of me.

Empire Of the Sun – Walking On A Dream

マキちゃん, I will be back soon…

Cumulus DJ Battle today

From January till June I’ve been running a DJ-workshop at Cumulus Welzijn. The first three months were about music production on the computer, and deejaying on the computer. After that we worked on beat-matching, effects and making cool mixes on turntables and CD-players.

Now, it’s time for the final showdown!

From 17:00 till 21:00, today (19/6/’09), Griftpark Utrecht

@ Hyves


– Tonight, the DJ workshop in Utrecht will finally get to It’s main phase. For the first time I can finally start showing the students “How to DJ”.

Thanks to The Music House for the support!

– Saturday, is already the day of the open-house at the Academy of Popculture in Leeuwarden.

Check the blog for more details and artists. Among the artists you’ll find yours truly.

– Two weeks after (Friday the 27th) you can see me spin at: Maire & Marjan’s Bigass Birthday-Bash

Invite only!

DJ workshop becoming a success

The weekly DJ workshop in Utrecht is becoming a success

After 2 months of improvised producing and similar computer related work-shopping, I can finally start the DJ course for the students. Yesterday i gave them the assignment to write down they’re skills, wishes and passions within the art of music and DJ’ing. And in the meanwhile i signed them up for the DJ workshop blog. On the weblog you’ll soon find more info about the DJ-students and demo mixes.

Next week we’ll start shopping for fresh new DJ gear for the students.

Cumulus DJ Workshop

Since the 8th of January, i have been the host and teacher at Cumulus for a DJ/Producer Workshop.

I’ve been trying to get everyone to create music on their laptops or home desktops by recommending software and helping them create midi setups. And so far things are going quite nice. The students are really eager to learn how to properly use oscillators, envelopes, filters and how to connects those is a creative and/or a productive way. Of course i can’t expect them to learn Reason or Ableton in a matter of a few weeks, but one of them tried Ableton for the first time last night and was using it to create useful sequencing in a matter of 30 minutes! He has only been using a computer to create music for little more then a month. This really shows the ease of use of Ableton’s Live application.

From the start of the workshop/courses I’ve also been trying to inspire them to think about they’re marketing; What sound do i play? Where is the audience or scene you’re looking for? If they don’t ask themselves this question, there is little point in thinking about the next point on the same agenda; Promotion.

To make a nice start using promotional tools, I’ve set-up a WordPress blog for the students to use. It’s only in Dutch, for we need to conquer our local audience first, but if things go as good as they supposed to, than expect a change of strategy…

Check it out @