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Open House – Soon!

The Academy of Popculture’s Open House is in less than 2 weeks away!

Keep an eye on for all the latest.

Lessons from Noisia

Today on the Academy of Popculture we got a few lessons from non other than Drum & Bass connaisseurs; Noisia!

It was very interesting to listen to them talk and discuss about the different ways of producing sounds and especially tracks as a whole. Offering us the option for them to reflect on our own tracks, we (the students) presented a few tracks for them to judge, and boy they have some good ears, not a single detail goes unheard. Which is very needed for a great sounding tracks. From what I’ve heard and seen in today’s class. I think that we, the students, need to reflect more and work a lot more thorough on our productions. And, (I think) we need to work together more often. To create special combination’s of techniques or just to learn from each other.

The most fun (in my opinion) is to be found in our assignment:

Record 10 everyday sounds, at home, on the road, anywhere, as long as these are not synths or a form of music. (No recording the neighbors music!) Then: Create a track from it. The assignment itself is easy enough, now to complete the task at hand!

I’ll post the results after Noisia returns next week!

More on Noisia? Click ‘n’ read. The Noisia remix of the Prodigy’s “the Omen” is out now.

Interesting study, the Academy of Popculture, dont you think?
Well, on the 14th of March it’s open house! See for more info.


Short news today:

Open house – Academy of Popculture (Dutch: Open dag – Academie voor Popcultuur)
The 14th of March 2009, the ‘Academy of Popculture’ will host an open house for everyone who likes to take a look inside the building. Some special performances and events are planned. Check (dutch) for more information and a comprehensive list of acts and designers from the academy. The site will also keep you up to date on the latest news.

Cumulus DJ Workshop website now open to visitors
A month and some days ago, I started hosting a DJ workshop for Cumulus. A welfare institute for the city of Utrecht. For a group of students i provide lessons in producing, DJ’ing and marketing & promotion.

For More info, the latest news and the tracks produced by the students, please visit

You can also catch-up on the Cumulus DJ Workshop by reading these articles:


Today was the kickoff of the second semester at school

In this part of the year me and my colleagues will focus on signing our first artist for Prowess Records, including the winners of the We Jamming band contest by Varela Entertainment, and our first artist, whom will remain nameless for now, will be released to you, the public, around March.

Now for the part that’s about the title of the blog! Popcontact : Say you wanted to go somewhere next Friday in the city of Amsterdam, a rock concert or a club with DJ’s playing minimal techno. Or you need a tech-house DJ for your party, but haven’t been able to find one in your neighborhood. Or a studio to record your visionary epic emo album about mudkipz. Then this might be of interest to you. Also if you are/part of/own/ a band, label, act, studio, club or anything else music and popular culture (pop), related. It’s a new platform to promote your work via the internet but doesn’t rely on social networking to do so.

Yep, I’m still talking about Popcontact. It’s an agenda, it’s a promotional tool, it’s a small businesscard. All is one, kept in small bitesize portions. It’s only aimed at the Netherlands at the moment. But if you speak the language, check it out, and feel free to comment on the site, and how you feel it might become an even better platform. Heck, they’re even asking for it!

Get Loaded 4

The Academie voor Popcultuur (Dutch for Academy for Popculture) has released the fourth installment of the Annual “Get Loaded” album.

The 4th issue was released at the Eurosonic Noorderslag festival and is released on very special red vinyl disc…. With a CD clicked on the middle of the vinyl, like you would expect in a jewelcase. A creative way of making a cool CD-cover.

Noir kicks off with “dear dad“, an epically long progressive Metal (Correct me if I’m wrong) track. And is followed by Florian Wolff’s “the best girl“. A Very fun track to listen to with a lot of hit-potential, would it have been released towards the summer. It does cheer me up on a grey, rainy day like this. Which suites the third track a lot better; Miss Ippi‘s song “Treehouse girl” is beautiful, so i suggest you to hop on over to her Myspace and give her work a thorough listening.

Found in the metal and rock part of the CD is Believeisadoubt with “Lost Note” Showing the bands potential. Number seven of the CD is Kris Vesseur with “women and warmth“, a nice ballad to listen to, especially since it is preluded and followed by a lot of metal… As good as these songs might be in they’re own musical genre, the Academie voor Popcultuur is much more diverse then this. Promising as the CD started, it’s diversity is a little poor.

Reaching track ten is a godsend with Annelotte Zomerdijk‘s analog soundscape, “Alien Abortion“. Sticking to the electronic vibes is my friend Grootmeester Jan a.k.a Dial-A-Poets with a funky playful track called “Disgusting“. (Which i remember hearing at Frisse Fratsen..) Thankfully Electro-House is not ignored on the compilation in the form of Frankie Mango with his tune, “Felicidade (2008 RMX)“. A track cut-out for the dancefloor. The combined forces of Estaw & Elroy finish off the dance tracks with a sample driven tune called “Round like this“. A funky track to dance to, i only miss a climax of some sort.

The CD finishes off with a nederhop track called “December” by Vieze Vingers. Knowing how many MC’s are at my school, I’m wondering why there arn’t any more Hip-Hop tracks on the compilation. Like i said before the CD isn’t very diverse, but i have to grand it credit for being a lot more round and creative than it’s earlier editions. The mastering of the album sounds good, with every track having the same volume and width. Though i miss some high frequencies overal, which would have made it all sound even more grand. Like i mentioned before i think the CD could have been, overal, more diverse. Compared to the earlier volumes of Get loaded this one stands out, head and shoulders, above the other three. I hope the trend stays for next years edition. Until than, enjoy the album. As i’m giving it away for free!

The CD was pressed a thousand times so getting a hold of one is tricky. That’s why I’m giving it away for free! To download the Album, please head over to Downloads for your free copy! (Limited time only!!!)