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Shit Dat Rockt And more…

This Tuesday, I will be the final act playing at ‘Shit Dat Rockt’, a party organized at the Academy of Popculture, Leeuwarden.

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Shit dat rockt will bring you a real band battle, with bands playing opposite of each other like in a DJ or MC battle, DJ’s with live artists and much much more..

Shit Dat Rockt – Facebook
Shit Dat Rockt – Myspace

Article on VPRO 3 Voor 12 (Dutch)

I, JordyVision, will play from 2:15 AM till the end of the party.

Tuesday the 22nd of June, Academie voor Popcultuur. (Achter de hoven 23, Leeuwarden)

But that’s not all! Today I got some more information about my trip to Japan next month.. My interim manager girlfriend told me I’m playing three gigs in Kobe, Japan this summer! More details soon…


Summer holidays, finally!

After working my fingers to the bone for my study at the Academy of Pop-culture, I can finally get back to important things like making music. But, I didn’t work for nothing, as my own record-label; Prowess Records. Is almost done now. Yes, I’ve said it before, but this time it’s for real. Heck, we even got a designer working on our style! And hopefully I’ll be able to unveil it around the 1st of August.

The music I mentioned earlier is in a rather good state, expect some real bangers appearing as soon as the first release, Scheduled September. Of course I didn’t mark September for the first release by coincidence. Because this September I’ll be in Japan! Enjoying a different culture, networking and performing. During this trip, I’ll promote my label to the fullest and hope to visit many interesting places.

If you are a DJ and/or producer in Japan, please leave a comment. Also, you could contact me via e-mail or tweet @Sonof8Bits.

School and Stuff

Writing plans for school and doing my job at the DJ workshop has taken up quite a lot of my time. So after about 3 weeks, Time for an update!

Prowess Records is waiting for our legal department to OK our contracts, till that time we’re still busy doing (even more) research and making a plan for promotional purposes. So much has been done the past school-year and the end is not even near, so we’ll keep pushing on and doing what we do best. Create chances for new, fresh artist. I had a busy and stressful school-year so far, but things are looking well, and I’ve learned so much this year.

Like Japanese! Well some anyway. For about two weeks now I’ve been doing my (Japanese) homework completely in Kana, and started practising some Kanji. (むずかし です よう!) Learning grammer is still going smooth, although the verb-bases confused the hell out of me at first. Expect an update about the verb-bases and Kanji-flashcards soon.

I hope the weather is as nice in your parts of the world as it is in mine. The weather is sweet today in Holland! またね!


– Tonight, the DJ workshop in Utrecht will finally get to It’s main phase. For the first time I can finally start showing the students “How to DJ”.

Thanks to The Music House for the support!

– Saturday, is already the day of the open-house at the Academy of Popculture in Leeuwarden.

Check the blog for more details and artists. Among the artists you’ll find yours truly.

– Two weeks after (Friday the 27th) you can see me spin at: Maire & Marjan’s Bigass Birthday-Bash

Invite only!

Yet another post: open house

If you live in the city of Leeuwarden you might notice some yellow skippy balls spread across town.

That’s because the Academy of Popculture’s open house is drawing ever so near!

See if you can also spot the posters, and please leave a comment if you noticed the skippy balls!