Summer holidays, finally!

After working my fingers to the bone for my study at the Academy of Pop-culture, I can finally get back to important things like making music. But, I didn’t work for nothing, as my own record-label; Prowess Records. Is almost done now. Yes, I’ve said it before, but this time it’s for real. Heck, we even got a designer working on our style! And hopefully I’ll be able to unveil it around the 1st of August.

The music I mentioned earlier is in a rather good state, expect some real bangers appearing as soon as the first release, Scheduled September. Of course I didn’t mark September for the first release by coincidence. Because this September I’ll be in Japan! Enjoying a different culture, networking and performing. During this trip, I’ll promote my label to the fullest and hope to visit many interesting places.

If you are a DJ and/or producer in Japan, please leave a comment. Also, you could contact me via e-mail or tweet @Sonof8Bits.


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