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This Tuesday, I will be the final act playing at ‘Shit Dat Rockt’, a party organized at the Academy of Popculture, Leeuwarden.

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Shit dat rockt will bring you a real band battle, with bands playing opposite of each other like in a DJ or MC battle, DJ’s with live artists and much much more..

Shit Dat Rockt – Facebook
Shit Dat Rockt – Myspace

Article on VPRO 3 Voor 12 (Dutch)

I, JordyVision, will play from 2:15 AM till the end of the party.

Tuesday the 22nd of June, Academie voor Popcultuur. (Achter de hoven 23, Leeuwarden)

But that’s not all! Today I got some more information about my trip to Japan next month.. My interim manager girlfriend told me I’m playing three gigs in Kobe, Japan this summer! More details soon…


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