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Writing plans for school and doing my job at the DJ workshop has taken up quite a lot of my time. So after about 3 weeks, Time for an update!

Prowess Records is waiting for our legal department to OK our contracts, till that time we’re still busy doing (even more) research and making a plan for promotional purposes. So much has been done the past school-year and the end is not even near, so we’ll keep pushing on and doing what we do best. Create chances for new, fresh artist. I had a busy and stressful school-year so far, but things are looking well, and I’ve learned so much this year.

Like Japanese! Well some anyway. For about two weeks now I’ve been doing my (Japanese) homework completely in Kana, and started practising some Kanji. (むずかし です よう!) Learning grammer is still going smooth, although the verb-bases confused the hell out of me at first. Expect an update about the verb-bases and Kanji-flashcards soon.

I hope the weather is as nice in your parts of the world as it is in mine. The weather is sweet today in Holland! またね!


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