Raspberry Pi (and Lego case)

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Raspberry Pi Lego Case

I got my greedy little hands on a Adafruit Raspberry Pi!! The $35,- computer which you can mod and hack into all kinds of dedicated machines. And I’ve already made a custom case for it, pictured left, using Lego. If you wonder what all this stuff is; Underneath is an external HDD, attached via USB, which I encased with lego as well. The little house like structure in the middle is the Raspberry Pi itself and on top is a (wireless) router. Not the most charming part of the building, but it saves me space in the studio.

I’m currently running Raspbian (Debian) and Openelec XBMC, modding and hacking the operating systems to taste. So expect further posts with mods and hacks to make your Raspberry installation and configuration as easy as pie (rimshot, clash!).

On that note, welcome to a new category on Sonof8Bits.com: Code! As a token of my appreciation, here’s a small spoiler: I’m also working on some Android applications which’ll appear in this category soon enough.

More soon!



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