Kanji Flashcards

A while back I promised a few sites to learn Kanji from, in the form of flashcards. Well, The Japan Times beat me to the punch!

That saves me time figuring out which site is right for you, and means I can start using these methods too. The time saved is valuable at the moment, as I’m just a little more then three weeks away from my first trip to Japan. Time better spend on learning the Japanese language.

My personal favorite is Smart.FM a website filled with study-courses and lessons in all kinds of subject, including our beloved Japanese. It has a build-in application for learning in different ways which does the job quite well. But, since I’m not even near any good at reading Kanji, I combine the lessons of Smart.FM with the material that About.com provides. About.com is a very well known website for just about anything. (I guess that’s why they called it About.com. *Rimshot, classhhhhh*).

What I do is the following;I take about 10 or so Kanji and write them on a piece of paper. (I couldn’t find any kanji-paper, so I use math-paper instead.) I write the on and kun readings beside it, to the right. And the meaning (Dutch, English, whatever suites you best) on the left side. And take a moment to study these. Then, I take a new sheet of paper, try to draw the Kanji, including correct stroke-order, on it. And try to repeat it’s reading and meaning in my mind. If I happen to fail, I go back to reviewing the words.

In between learning sessions, I stumbled upon the website ‘All Japanese all the time’. It’s a lot of fun to read his website, and a lot can be learned from his endurance-race to knowing the Japanese language.


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