Japan ’10 Week 1

After being in Japan for a week, it’s time for a little “what have I been up to”.

Well, the first gig was fun. I went to Koffre with Lune-chan and started out with some electro classics like Hashim and Hip-house tracks from the likes of 2 In A Room. As it’s a hip-hop kinda bar I was expecting them not to like techno much so that’s what I tried to play. The funny thing was, when I noticed I was losing attention I started playing my own style of tracks like Robert Babicz and Daniel Steinberg I got better reactions. The owner of the bar was a very kind guy who welcomed me back to play some more when I had time.

Yesterday I went for a stroll in Sannomiya (三宮), Kobe (神戸) which is always fun. I was enjoying the cool architecture and headed for sea. I noticed the view is brilliant and buildings around there were so cool. Until I actually arrived at the sea itself… Watch what happened..:

Looks pretty cool huh? Well, not so cool if you are stuck there without an umbrella! But I turned out fine, only having to change my socks, which were soaked!

On the 24th of July I’ll be playing at Bar Mel at the ‘Nihon Techno’ party and around the 28th of July I’ll be visiting Hiroshima. Watch this space!


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