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Cassette Records – The World Is Spinning At 33 1/3 RPM

A phoenix rising…

The World Is Spinning at 33 1/3 RPM - A Cassette Records CompilationA varied release, to say the least. Many different well known techno artists from Japan’s techno-scene, featuring DJ Tmykisb, Yebisu303, Doremimate and 909 State to name just a few. Ranging from acid bleepery to danceable and deep to surprising. The release demonstrates a love for the original techno sound lost in the days of minimal unimaginativism and dubstep repetition.

DJ Tmykisb opens the album with the filter-happy ‘Chrono Kitten’, an uplifting track that makes the waist wiggle. Even if seated it’s hard not to move to this sliced madness slightly reminiscent of ‘Tokyo Disco’. 909 State gives a distorted slammer likes he does so well, after which Beel’s ‘RTF_SHT’ takes over with a surprisingly deep track not unlike Richie Hawtin’s better (Plastikman) tracks. The compilation wouldn’t be complete without a good acid track! And that’s where Pulse2Pulse comes in. I should say the same for dub, and the compilation also satisfies those needs with Yebisu303’s ‘Blueprint’, a last-minute favorite of mine. In the track’s layered background there’s a loop playing which stimulates the imagination while the recognizable dub synth does it’s work of playing with your sense of rhythm. (Watch out for a very groovy break followed by a drop like we haven’t heard since at least 2005.) Yes, there’s even a melodic techno track like Carl Craig is good at producing, Choochoogatagoto is the one responsible.

The CD supplies well to the techno loving people out there that are missing the original vibe. We need kickdrums, not plops. We want acid, not just a simple sine-wave. Minimal and tech-house have their place, on this album too. But playing the same sounds over and over is what kills a genre, a scene. This album bravely steps-up where even the hardest techno DJ’s have sold-out to simple bloops and over-used samples. It’s been enough!

A CD release is rare these days, especially for electronic music (Techno). But it does give a sense of nostalgia to open-up a sealed CD box. Welcome to the post-digital age where physical releases are becoming a rarity and more of a promotional tool than an actual selling point. That’s why I appreciate Cassette Records effort to put this out there, no matter what the market is doing. To step-up and say, nay shout: Techno isn’t dead yet! I haven’t even finished listening to the CD yet, and this is what the music is telling me. The CD holds even more surprises towards the end, but I’m not gonna spoil anymore for you. You should go out and check this out for yourself.

Track List

  1. dj tmykisb / Chrono Kitten
  3. iserobin / 7420247
  4. Limited toss / Gus
  5. 909state / Armed poker
  7. Pulse2Pulse / Bouncer
  8. Yebisu303 / Blueprint
  10. choochoogatagoto / Hat Season
  11. doremimate / Gymnopedia
  12. Sakoo / Heartbeat
  13. tofubeats / technoizer X
  14. SOL / One More Thing…

The album’s liner notes were written by Bibinba. I’m proud of you, 友達!


Nederland Helpt Japan

A nationwide fundraiser (in the Netherlands) to help the people of Japan: On this site you’ll find a collection of funds and charities organized to help. This way you can easily find a local event and help out by buying a ticket for a concert, putting money in the collectors box or attending a workshop. A small gesture can mean a big thing.

Another way to help is via my own charity: Buy the Y.A.M.A S.E. EP on my Music page and I’ll donate every penny to the Red Cross. That way you can support Japan, and enjoy my 3 track EP. Don’t like techno? You can always donate to the Red Cross directly.

Support Japan


One day after the release of my EP, Y.A.M.A, disaster struck Japan…

The events that followed are well known to you by now, I’m sure.

Well, me and Seb Lee (the designer of my EP) immediately swung into action trying to help. And that’s when we decided that all profits made from Y.A.M.A will be donated to Peace Winds, a charity in Japan.

Go here to buy the EP, all the profits will be donated to the Peace Winds fund.

More info:
Peace Winds
Press release (Mi2n)

If you are a cheap-skate, or have no money, please help by propagating this news. Share it on Facebook, Twitter, or any other place on the web you like to hang-out.

JordyVision – Y.A.M.A

JordyVision – Y.A.M.A

Written and mixed using only the KORG M01 software for Nintendo DS. A huge war was fought to get rid of the noise, and further EQ and compression done in Ableton Live.

I hope you like it!

JordyVision – Y.A.M.A

Cover design by Seb Lee.


A bit late, but as promised

A track from my DSi! I’m sorry to say that the other things I made will be blended into full projects. So it’s just this DJ tool for now.. But good things come to those who wait.

Free download, right here!

Son of 8-Bits – かわいい (Kawaii) by Son Of 8-Bits/JordyVision