Normally I don’t write about beer, I leave that up to my friend びびんば. But after a few busy and exciting days I wanted to relax and have a drink.

First of all, my label Prowess Records has launched it’s first release by producer Fujasaki on which I got the honor to do a remix, and so did _aa_. Both remixes along with Fujasaki’s reworks have gotten good receptions among the first batch of fans. And we were lucky enough to get some reviews here and there as well.

And today, after my usual day job, me and singer Lovely Leonie went on a trip to Amstelveen. Which is about the only place in the Netherlands which has a big Japanese community. Suffice to say, the キムチ, 焼き鳥, and 日本酒 tasted great. And the local bookstore holds a great collection of books to help my Japanese studies!

And than there also were the college assessments… Which turned out just a little better than expected.. (But I still need to work a little harder.)

Oh, the beer was nice, tangy. (Burp)


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