YAM – Yet Another Mix

Today i created another mix on Ableton Live. Being used to mixing only with vinyl, and the occasinal CD, i was bored by the idea of mixing on a laptop. And when i tried Traktor DJ i was kinda right about my hunches. But sure enough, ones i found out how to DJ in Ableton, and got a controller to make use of all the midi functions available in Ableton and Traktor. I really got the hang of digital mixing.

Abletons great warping algorithm makes mixing a lot easier, due to the fact you don’t need to keep an eye on the pitch, and spend all your energy in making great transitions using the “EQ Three” or just making the audience flip-out with additional effects. It did fail to warp Shlomi Aber’s freakside however. The first section of the tune warped beautifully but ones it got to the main break it somehow thoughtit needed to play half-speed. I havn’t figured out how to fix this either, as i don’t feel like warping the whole track by hand. And changing its speed back up caused the first section to speed up as well.

These kind of troubles won’t be found in Native Instuments Traktor DJ Studio. The algorithm used in this app finds the BPM quickly. And will update it during scanning of the waveform. Every now and again it will think a (for instance) 126 BPM track is 63BPM (half speed), but will quickly change back to 126 after hitting play. The only real nag i could find was the precision of the pitch, and i not sure if i should be unhappy about it or not.. It’s so precise that i had to make small changes to the pitch more often then i have to using vinyl! This is a real drawback for me, on one hand i would like to make pitching less tedious. (I don’t make many mistakes on vinyl decks, but still.. Lesspitching is more focussing on the mix.) On the other i want the “feel” of mixing on real decks, without having to drag a hundred kilograms of vinyl with me to every gig.

There is a perfect solution to my problem though…
It’s called Traktor DJ Scratch. Two timecoded vinyl’s or CD’s combined with a low-latency soundcard and an application capable of stretching the waveform. Software and hardware like this is not new. I tried different “scratch” versions in the past, with good results. So i guess i got to invest in a 4-in,4-out soundcard and combine this with Traktor DJ Scratch. Ableton will allways be handy for productions and the occasional concept mix. So i’m still happy using it.

Traktor DJ is temporarily available for half price! For just €99 it can be yours. Through an official seller or the official website;
The offer is valid till the 30th of September.


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