First up:
Congratulations to my grandma Anneke! Who today turned 63 years old.
Gefeliciteerd oma!! En nog vele jaren natuurlijk.

Today i’m gonna take some time of to tell about the dangers of workaholism. Do you have a cool project, but feel very lonely? Or your working on a lot of cool tracks, and totally neglected your friends?

Then stop right there!! Having a great job is nice, but don’t forget your friends and family. In the end you’ll really hate yourself for it, even if the end-results of the project were stunning. Ofcourse everyone has a busy life these days. And there is nothing wrong with following your dreams. But stop and think every now and then to remind yourself that there are people out there that need you around them, instead of your studio, garage or office. *wink*
It’s a win-win situation anyway, as they will in turn inspire you to do other great creative stuff.

Workaholism is also a good way to create a nice big burn-out, which in turn will ruin your creativity. And i don’t think i need to explain what a writers block will do to your business…

No one says it better than Dennis Ruyer, so i’ll end this blog with his famous quote: “Love, peace and beats”
A recipe for a great and successful life, in my opinion.


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