Vier keer Vier: Day 2

Yesterday was day two of the “4×4” ‘Creative solutions for corporate problems’.

We started the day by discussing what Jikske observed at the one of the two offices that the corporation owns, followed by my finds in the research that was supplied to us. Our assignment was made clear again by our coach; Eric de Groot: “Create a model inquiry to find out why the company has a bad reputation with it’s tenants”.

After that we got stuck into the situation. What to do? How to investigate this matter? But then our coach addressed us about nearlings. Nearlings are, perhaps, the easiest way to start thinking ‘out of the box’. Come up with something, an end-product, a solution, that might seem completely crazy, and spark each other to think of other, closely related ideas/solutions to the matter. Taking brainstorming just one step further.

Or as puts it:

A nearling is a positive word for something new that you did with the right intentions, which has not (yet) led to the right result.

If you’ve had a hard time thinking of sollutions or new ideas, I suggest looking into this word, it’s definition, and use it in your projects! It might not produce a perfect solution or product (see definition above) straight away, but it will put you on the right track.

More next week.


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