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In the last few weeks I’ve been thoroughly learning how to write the all the Kana in the correct stroke order. And looked for a few good website to help me make a start on Kanji.

A good website to make a start (and to learn Japanese in general) is www.learn-japanese.info. The website offers charts of grade-school Kanji, sorted per grade, including the different meanings, and sheets to practice these on.

www.learn-japanese.info is also a good place to practice the Japanese grammer and more, be sure to visit!

On Kanji-Step you can find a lot of GIF images showing you the stroke order of some of Kanji. I have no idea why this website hasn’t been updated for since 2003, but that’s the way it is… It still offers some resources, so use them to your advantage.

Another website dedicated to learning Japanese, that offers exactly what it says on the tin! freejapaneselessons.com. Free lessons for all!

And finally For Dutch visitors of my website; Japanology.

This website is a young website with an already active community of people aspiring to learn 日本語. Take a look if you please. And feel free to sign-up to the website.


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