The good ol’ days

The times, they are a-changing…

I’ve been a DJ for quite some years now. I’m not very famous as of yet, but I just love mixing music and seeing people dance to it. Because I’ve been DJ’ing for longer then a few years I still own a huge amount of vinyl records. And call me melancholic if you wish, but mixing music using records, two turntables and a mixer is still my favorite way of performing. Applications like Traktor DJ and Ableton Live make it a lot easier to perform, since I don’t have to worry (much) about beatmatching and I can make loops to make the mix suite my taste. It makes it easier to focus on the set itself, instead of having to worry about two records running out of sync. Sure, I prefer vinyl, but the times have changed.

Now that I’ve learned a lot about the production of my own tracks, I still dream (like I’ve been doing since the ’90’s) about having my own vinyl records cut, producing mix CD’s and releasing white-labels to give to other (more famous) DJ’s. But again, the times have changed and actually pressing my own records is becoming less and less likely every month. Even if I would fork-out the money to press records, the number of recordstores are ever declining. I’ll just have to settle for iTunes, Beatport, Amazon MP3 and the likes if I wish to sell my music.

But this is where rights & collecting agencies like RIAA and BUMA start to piss us artists off… They are desperately trying to hold on to the “old world” of music: CD’s, vinyl, tapes and stuff. These companies made sure that you’d get whatever money you where entitled to when, for instance, your music was played on-air or was used in a TV show or was placed on a compilation. These days they are actively trying to stop the use and embedding of youtube video’s, wanting bloggers like me to pay €130,- a year for embedding six Youtube video’s. But guess who’s profiting from this move? It’s not the artists I can tell you, ’cause we artists profit from the free promotion that Youtube video’s has to offer. On top of that, most of the video’s I embed on here are Creative Commons. No one makes a profit from Creative Commons, so where does the money go then? The cake is a lie I tell ya.


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