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If your a returning visitor to my website, you might know I take a liking to finding talented people, randomly, on the web and Myspace. So today, again, more talent from around the globe!

And today I start with a Dutch designer who goes by the name of Teo Skaffa.

Skaffa @ Flickr

Not a self-portrait, by the way

Is it graffiti? Is it art? It’s graffiti at it’s most productive. And art with the most playfulness. He uses all kinds of materials like canvas and wood, and varying coloring like ink and acrylic. But, so much more. Take a look at this Matrjosjka for instance:

Comrad Kotenok - Matrjosjka

Comrad Kotenok - Matrjosjka


Anyone who likes Samurai Pizza Cats is a friend of mine

Anyone who likes Samurai Pizza Cats is a friend of mine

You can find his work all over the web, like Flickr and Myspace. But please first check out his website! http://www.teoskaffa.com/
You’ll love the design of the his site, I promise.

Next up, more producers from Japan:

And Satoru is one of them. Now, I don’t have a whole lot of information on this producer. But I do recommend checking out his music. Tracks for the mind, atmosphere for the soul. Imaginitive and inspiring. I’ve tried coming up with a more direct describtion. but this was the best I could do..

And for a crazy, funny end to this post, I suggest listening to ムイムイチキチ (Muimuitikiti).
It’s been a while since I heard music this crazy! If your a fan of Scotch Egg, or Donna Summer, I suggest taking this matter very seriously. Though I wouldn’t describe this as Breakcore, I do think these tunes would go along just perfectly with said genre.

Till next time!またね

The Uncomfortable Moment Last Tuesday

The Uncomfortable Moment Last Tuesday

(Yep, all the artwork in this post is done by Teo Skaffa ©)


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