Prowess Records: New look, first release

Our web-designer has worked on the website using our wishes, input and his own imagination and has rolled out the resulting web-code. Go to Prowess Records to view the public beta! (And feel free to sign up to our RSS-feed.)

Soon, Prowess Records will release it’s first EP featuring yours truly using my new pseudonym: JordyVision. The first release will be called “Van Charles De Gaulle Naar KIX” with tracks such as “Kittens”, “ソフィ & フェリシア” (Sophie & Felicia) and “んゆー!” (Nyu!). I’m currently mastering these tracks and sorting-out the artwork. In about six weeks these tracks will be available in the iTunes store!

Also, this is my hundredth blog post! And to celebrate the event I want to show you the talents of 電気グルーヴ の プェール瀧 (Denki Groove’s Pierre Taki):

ピエール瀧の体操42歳 (Pierre Taki’s 42 year old gymnast)


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