Today was the kickoff of the second semester at school

In this part of the year me and my colleagues will focus on signing our first artist for Prowess Records, including the winners of the We Jamming band contest by Varela Entertainment, and our first artist, whom will remain nameless for now, will be released to you, the public, around March.

Now for the part that’s about the title of the blog! Popcontact : Say you wanted to go somewhere next Friday in the city of Amsterdam, a rock concert or a club with DJ’s playing minimal techno. Or you need a tech-house DJ for your party, but haven’t been able to find one in your neighborhood. Or a studio to record your visionary epic emo album about mudkipz. Then this might be of interest to you. Also if you are/part of/own/ a band, label, act, studio, club or anything else music and popular culture (pop), related. It’s a new platform to promote your work via the internet but doesn’t rely on social networking to do so.

Yep, I’m still talking about Popcontact. It’s an agenda, it’s a promotional tool, it’s a small businesscard. All is one, kept in small bitesize portions. It’s only aimed at the Netherlands at the moment. But if you speak the language, check it out, and feel free to comment on the site, and how you feel it might become an even better platform. Heck, they’re even asking for it!


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