For a school-assignment we had to research net-labels. So I looked through many, many net-labels. And boy oh boy, many were very boring. To save you the pain of having to listen to some very boring tunes i found a few net-labels that were worthy of a few downloads:
There is about 1.5 gig of mp3’s to find on this label, so take some time to preview what you like to have. All tunes could technically be desribed as techno, in different flavors; Minimal and Ambient. My taste doesn’t fit the Ambient kind, so i had to skip those. The minimal tracks lacked a bit of progression, but mixing on Traktor DJ with four decks makes that a non-issue.
Steadily releasing tracks as of 2006, more minimal to find here. Combined with the label above you have a nice team of labels to play in a set. The minimal design of the website alone is worth checking out. Believe me, minimal is almost an overstatement in this case. These tracks are cut for the dancefloor. I recommend “Blackoutcityunderlightning” as it is very different from the other tracks but very cool, in a ’80’s electro bladerunner kinda way.
I just found out about this one. Minimal combined with hard Techno is hitting the right spot for me. I havn’t had the time to check out more releases yet, and zip files come in at quite hefty sizes. The one i’m downloading right now is 128 megabyte! Bigger files is better though, as some of the lesser labels tried to get away with 128KB encoded mp3’s.

Give these a thorough listening, spin them in a set, they all come Creative Commons flavoured so no worries about having to spend a million on downloads.

Know any good net-labels? Want to tell me what you think about these net-labels? Or do you own a net-label and think i should listen to your releases? (Preferably Techno of any kind)
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