A new safer way to store your stuff way to make money for events and venues everywhere.

Rustic Lockers

The latest trend in nightlife. Lockers. Yes, your stuff is safely stored away and the event organizer saves money on wardrobe-staff. So what’s the problem you ask?

Well, they try to sell this service to us like it’s a huge improvement. They say “Shorter queues” but in reality it means you first have to buy a key or get change to put in the locker, only to queue up a second time for the lockers themselves where people are usually pushing and pulling to get to their locker. (That’s how it went down at all events with lockers I’ve attended so far!)

They say “Cheaper, cause you can store more stuff in a locker”. True, it stores more stuff. But the rent of a key is anywhere between €2,- and €12,-! If you come by yourself wearing a coat this means you can pay up to 1200% of the original wardrobe cost, which is usually €1,-…

So no, it’s not faster! It’s not cheaper! It’s a great way to cash in, big time, on people’s coats and bags. No point in trying to bamboozle anyone. And the fact that the scallywags actually try to is what ticks me off.

So what’s your opinion? Happy about your stuff being safely stored away even if the price-hike is huge? Or are you now wearing your coat while dancing? Let me know below.



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