Lessons from Noisia

Today on the Academy of Popculture we got a few lessons from non other than Drum & Bass connaisseurs; Noisia!

It was very interesting to listen to them talk and discuss about the different ways of producing sounds and especially tracks as a whole. Offering us the option for them to reflect on our own tracks, we (the students) presented a few tracks for them to judge, and boy they have some good ears, not a single detail goes unheard. Which is very needed for a great sounding tracks. From what I’ve heard and seen in today’s class. I think that we, the students, need to reflect more and work a lot more thorough on our productions. And, (I think) we need to work together more often. To create special combination’s of techniques or just to learn from each other.

The most fun (in my opinion) is to be found in our assignment:

Record 10 everyday sounds, at home, on the road, anywhere, as long as these are not synths or a form of music. (No recording the neighbors music!) Then: Create a track from it. The assignment itself is easy enough, now to complete the task at hand!

I’ll post the results after Noisia returns next week!

More on Noisia? Click ‘n’ read. The Noisia remix of the Prodigy’s “the Omen” is out now.

Interesting study, the Academy of Popculture, dont you think?
Well, on the 14th of March it’s open house! See http://opendagavp.wordpress.com/ for more info.


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