Le Le – Marble

A new release from the Dutch ghetto-tech-sters: Le Le – Marble

It’s been out for a few days now, and the iTunes store has been celebrating it’s release eversince, as it’s selling well! The first track, Douchebag Status, dives right into the all-electro action of the EP. This song together with Dr. Awkward are my favorite tracks due to the great synthesizer tracks which accompany the lyrics on this release.

Number 1 girl, backstage and Discomonster fill the EP nicely. More funky electro-tracks worth mentioning. (But, they didn’t grab my imagination as much as the above tracks.) I suggest you check it out for yourself, as taste tends to differ from person to person. (I’m just happy the person I bought this EP for likes the songs.) (<- Totally irrelevant to the readers! – Editor)

Faberge throws out quite a lot of (Dutch) profanities on this EP, especially in my third favorite track; Luxe Benen. As one could expect, coming from the band/rap-formation; De Jeugd van Tegenwoordig. (Who owe their great sound to the producer Bas Bron a.k.a. Bastian. Famous from the summer 2000 hit-single: You’ve got my love. The video was directed by Sandder.)

The entire release can be found in the iTunes store, and a whole load of other MP3 stores as well. Or, just keep an eye ear out on Studio Brussel, who will probably play (some of) these songs on-air.

(Ofcourse, Youtube serves all your needs well too..)


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