Merry Christmas everyone!

In my time of absence I’ve been researching A LOT of information about my newly started record label. Rights, royaltys, laws. It’s a lot of work, yo! But it’s soooo worth the effort :)
The website; http://prowessrecords.com/ has a professional hosting now, and can now be styled and readied for its launch. The first release, featuring Dave Mech, Son of 8-Bits and Unmarked Noise, will be released in the 2nd half of februari.

Stay tuned for more info! I will be revealing a lot more in the next two weeks of the christmas vacation.

Have a very merry christmas. Spend some time with your loved ones, and in case you don’t have any loved ones. Enjoy your days off. Here are a few tips, just in case:

Funny website.

Zero Punctuation
The best game reviews around right now. Brutally honest, but always a fair review.

My website!
It has 3 mixes from the last 2 years. Totalling in about 3 hours of mixed Techno, Minimal and IDM. Read the above websites while listening to this one. Well advised.

If all else fails.. Than try and think about all the sweet deals the stores will be offering in the after christmas sale!


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