Japanese Talent

During my preparation to visit Japan to perform and learn I will also search for talent in the nice country of 日本 (Nihon, Japan). As one of the owners of Prowess Records scouting seems like a useful things to do…

The Megane~zu!
Now, I’m not completely honest here. I’ve known these nice people for some time now. As me and The Megane~zu have been working on a joint-venture mixtape! It’s nearly finished, and watch this space, as I’ll host it right here.
Also.. Right now they are doing a mixtape in co-operation with Lapin, AND after this mixtape is done, Hachi-Bitto no Musuko (that’s me) and The Megane~zu will start work on part 2!

オイオイ! More talent (and the mixtape) soon…


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