Japan Day 1 – 3

After my night in Dusseldorf, I got out of bed early so I would be well in time for my flight. It was my first flight ever, so taking off in an airbus to ‘Charle de Gaulle’ was really exciting! After finding my way around CDG, I boarded the Boeing 777 headed for Kansai International Airport, (Kansai Kokusai Kuko) or KIX.

It was a long long flight, and trying to sleep while it’s still 19:00 ‘o’ clock in your local town has been proven to be quite futile. Not to worry, the air has many beautiful views to enjoy. Amazing cloud-formations and especially the sunrise from 10000 feet high is a truly awesome sight to behold.

But, enough about flying for now… On the first day I was so sleepy, the jet-lag slammed into my face harder than a truck onto a naive and headstrong deer with suicidal tendencies. I did not get much sleep on the airplane. When I arrived it was just getting night in my native time of CET+1 (+2 summertime). But it was morning in local Japanese time. So I skipped a night of sleep in favor of meeting the beautiful miss Lunemusique and her family and friends.

Day 2, ラーメン (ramen) museum! The guy who invented chicken ramen and instant cup-noodles has only passed away two years ago, but his legacy will always be remembered. I mean, who has never eaten noodles with freeze-dried vegetables in a cup, that are done and eatable in a matter of minutes when you poor hot water over it? There is a lot that can be told about Momofuku Ando (The inventor of chicken-ramen and cup noodles) and the museum, but I really suggest you go check it out yourself! I was still quite beat from all the traveling, so the rest of the day I took it easy and enjoyed more time with miss Lunemusique and her family. They are a funny bunch!

Day 3 was AWE-SOME! Sorry for the Americanism, but Osaka is a great town for shopping-fanatics like me. We went to see Osaka-Jo, the famous Osaka castle, I went vinyl-buying-crazy at King Kong Music, Disc J.J. and Marginal Records, climbed the Osaka tower, and ate all kinds of delicious foods together with ‘The Megane-zu’, with whom I did the “BUMA in mijn KASRAC” mixtape about 6 month ago.

Needless to say, Japan is great. I’m having the time of my life! But all of the fun has really hacked into sleep cycles and today I spend my day taking it easy and enjoying the local treats that the town I’m staying at has to offer.


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  • By Syrion, 13/09/2009 @ 00:46

    Wait, you’re going all the way to Japan to shop records at King Kong?

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