Interview: Capse


Yesterday, Jeralta interviewed graffiti & design artist Capse1.

GrafMan by CapseI tagged along to make some snapshots and because I had yet to met the artist myself, who made the artwork for the Sensei Walingh remix (embedded below). On the left is one of his many creations, which he gave to me! Thanks mate!

“For the people who don’t know you, introduce yourself.

Hello, I’m Ruben, better known as Capse. I’m from Holland, Art and Design student, former graffiti artist (I will be back though!), designer, full-time hip hop lover, Part-time interesting person.”

Read the full interview on DJ’s Without A Cue. The interview includes many more artworks by Capse.



Check out Capse’s many creative sessions on Dailybooth, and follow him on Twitter.

Follow Jeralta from DJ’s Without A Cue on Twitter.



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