Himure & Kinosaki

I’m a lazy blogger aren’t I? But I don’t want to keep you from enjoying the beautiful places I’ve seen the last week, so here I go!

Himure, a long drive from where I reside but well worth waiting for.

After eating a delicious 昼ごはん (lunch) at the ちゃや (cha-ya) pictures above, we went uphill with a rope-car and enjoyed many beautiful shrines and a beautiful view down on the country. As expected, many rice- and soybean -fields. Very important! Don’t forget to wash your hands before entering a sacred place in Japan! Respect local traditions and values.

After the breath-taking views and inspiring places, we went for a cup of coffee and a delicious cake at Club Harie. (Pictured below) And went sightseeing in the village. This is traditional Japan in all it’s glory and makes me look forward to my trip to 京都 (Kyoto)!

Well, I think I exaggerated a tiny bit when I said it was a long drive to Himure, cause the ride to Kinosaki was three hours, where the trip to Himure was just under two hours. But, Japan does it again. It was a long three hour drive well spend. (And with the good company I had, who cares how long the trip is, right?) For seeing the Japanese sea (including Sea world!) and the classic village of Kinosaki, are views to kill (or die) for.

Sightseeing isn’t the only thing on my agenda in Japan, as faithful readers know. And I found a few things of interest about working and living and/or an internship in Japan! More about this soon, but first up tomorrow; 姫路市ー城! (Himeji-jou, jou = castle.)


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