End of the year (College)

Reports are being finished, projects are being finalized for the next phase, or are maybe even coming to an end.

The summer is coming, what are you gonna do? Well I’m gonna go to Japan again! To play at parties, to learn more about the language, to see, touch, smell, taste and hear more about Japan, to enjoy and to finally see Miss Lune again.

Last year I wrote a whole plan for my visit to Japan. But guess what actually happened to the mission. Nothing. Well, not much actually. But most of the time I was enjoying a brilliant holiday but hardly got round to doing what I wanted to do, mainly; DJ’ing, looking for jobs or an internship, making music with the new-found inspiration Japan was giving me and taking time to study the language. In the end, it wasn’t a disaster I didn’t do the work-related thing, since it was a good way to do research. In a non-forced, ‘just enjoying and keeping my eyes open’ kind of way. But this year I must make use what I’ve learned last time ’round.

First up: Editing last year’s plan. What did I find out last year that needs to be added for this year? What parts are useless for my plan, and what parts do I need to extend on? Not only the execution is a process, making a plan is a whole process in itself. Some parts get down on paper easily and only need the length of you imagination, other parts need your full attention, focus, and planning skills.

Second: Stay blogging (and tweeting) about my experiences. I don’t need to extend upon this, I only need to stay at it. Last year I didn’t blog as much as I’ve should.

Third: 頑張ります。Hang in there, do my best. It’s said so easily, isn’t it? But haven’t you ever had a sleepy day? It’s these days I need to motivate myself and stay fit. Since there so much fun to be had and people to talk to, the first part shouldn’t be a problem. Staying fit won’t be a much of a hassle either, given Japan’s curvy landscape. Just remember to bring a large bottle of water, and don’t forget a towel.

With three gigs awaiting me, part of the wheels are already in motion. It’s up to me to make good use of the momentum. I mean, really explore the space.


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  • By fash, 20/06/2010 @ 16:44

    hope your dreams comes through.
    and eat too much PUCCA ;)

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