C-Mon & Kypski – One Frame Of Fame (More Is Less)

Ever wanted to star in a music video? Here’s your chance!

Funky-ass band C-mon & Kypski came up with the brilliant idea to let fans mimic the moves made in the video. By using your own web-cam you can join the fun and be a star in the video for their very catchy track; “More Is Less”. When you go to the website oneframeoffame.com and hit the “start webcam” button you’ll be presented with a frame from the video. After taking a snapshot of you reenacting the given frame you can immediately see the results in the video and hence you’ll have your “One Frame Of Fame”.

At the time of writing this blog-post about 7200 people have already posed for the video. Granted that some people might have taken more snapshots than one…

Here’s mine!

Though, you will have to have pretty sharp eyes to notice..


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