BUMA wants your soul

It’s been just over a month since the Dutch internets (yes, that a plural) burst into flames over BUMA’s plans to charge bloggers for embedding copyrighted Youtube content on their blogs. The artists themselves think it’s nonsense because it’s free promotion, the bloggers think it’s absurd because it’s not their content. Inline linking (embedding content from another website) is taking another site’s content and showing it to you via their website instead of using a cumbersome hyperlink. It’s like a portal. So in fact, it’s Youtube that should get the bill, not us bloggers.

But that’s not my point. I don’t think Youtube should pay for hosting content. They could help removing content that’s really unwanted by labels and/or artists, but the artist love the free promotion that Youtube offers, so little to no content will be asked to be removed. My point being: Why do you think (the internet cancer known as) BUMA is making the small guy pay for this? The answer is pretty simple actually. Because BUMA can in NO WAY ever win from the giant known as Google. This is not a story similar to David versus Goliath. This is BUMA being a very small ant versus a huge, giant 大きい colossus. And not even a red ant that can leave a nasty bite, this ant is your average black ant seen about anywhere, helpless and lost when attacked by anything over fifty times it’s size. (An ant can carry somewhere between ten and fifty times their own weight, but I digress.)

So you see, BUMA just wants to make money, it doesn’t care about your rights or about supporting artists. BUMA just want to fill their pockets. This is just another step in revenue-management. And at the current rate of artists leaving BUMA/STEMRA, their revenue is grinding to a halt. That’s to say: If an artist even signed-up in the first place, I know I won’t.

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