Another week at the academy

As i’ve mentioned before, maybe once or twice, I follow a scholarship at the Academy of Popculture. (Dutch: Academie voor Popcultuur) The really busy, hard, most useful, and above all, fun part of the education is really kicking off. (I’m already in my third year, i can’t believe how time flies!) The biggest part of my week was spend on learning about promotion, programming a club, and reviewing a past project. The week flew by so fast that i totaly forgot about writing on my blog.

But i havn’t lost sight of my main plans..

Yes, the record label… :)

The initial phase is going very fast, and watching this space is very much in your interest if you think your musical taste suites mine, if you think your music deserves to be released, or your just interested in my future, and as of yet officially unannounced net-label. Then throw me a line:
info<@>Son of 8-Bits

Edit: By the way: Go see Tropic Thunder. It’s worth buying a ticket at your local theater. Finally a movie which has some originality to it. Unlike most of the trash that has been coming out of Hollywood the past few years. Give it an Oscar!


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