Andreas Tilliander – Caught in a Riot remixes

About a month ago Andreas Tilliander dropped his album “show”.
Now, it’s time for some remixes..

The sound of young Malmö (Download page on Adrian Recordings)
I really like the effort that went into the sounds of the Per Hammar and Staffan Lindberg remix’s. Especially the Staffan Lindberg remix really builds tention in the air, similar to Dubfire’s famous tracks. The psychedelic vocals get you tripping. And the driving beats & bass keep you going. The Per Hammar remix features some cool futuristic sounds. But, maybe the two songs I’m not fond of are just too clean. Or, through my listening to techno for years, I’ve gotten spoiled. (I guess that’s why you play so much Tech-house these days – Editor) Most fail to stay interesting after a few minutes. I don’t even know what the hell is up with the Karachi Reduction. Or, I havn’t taken enough drugs yet to digg something this boring.

Adrian Recordings Inhouse Remixes (Download link on Adrian Recordings)
Starts off with some fresh sounding Dub-Techno in the form of Boeoes Kaelstigen’s Flars Remix. I feel right at home with this release thanks to this track which is followed by the Familjen remix of Arlanda. (The only track in this review that’s not a remix of Caught in a Riot) It’s a funny mix of old-school Acid-house sounds with Swedish lyrics. At first I thought: “Oh well, nice tune.” But after three minutes it’s acid feel and rhythm kept me hooked in and I couldn’t skip to the next track. Well played, dear sir. After two minutes I was expecting to skip the last track on this EP.
The Pellarins Ritz mix. Well, yeah, there had to be one track on this EP that wasn’t up to par. I guess it’s this one…

The Pop-Remixes (Link, Adrian Recordings)
To finish of this review, the pop-remixes. And with a name like that I wasn’t expecting much. And the Vapnet remix almost proved me right, but then the Kite remix kicked this release back into gear! A retro/electro feel and mood that wouldn’t look out of place in a DJ-set along with Le Le.
The Data80 remix finishes of this release, and does a hell of a better job, than the last tracks on the other two EP’s did

I must admit that I don’t know these artists well, as it’s been hard to keep track of ALL the new music coming from Scandinavia these days. But thanks to “Acid over the rainbow – おんがく & ビル” I knew about this release. If your Japanese is any good, please check out this weblog about good music, and other good things in life. Like beer!


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