Technical Rider

For clubs, events or any other DJ activity I need the following equipment to be available to me. I use vinyl and CD’s in my performance but I also made a separate technical rider for performances based on DJ’ing with a laptop.

Technical Rider for laptop based performances:

– To Deejay with my laptop and midi/audio equipment items I need a table (or something similar) with the following dimensions: 2.5×1.5×0.5 (Meters, length x height x depth.)

– I will need 2 power outlets for my laptop and USB hub. I’ll need 3 power outlets if I bring my KORG Kaosspad.

– 1x Pioneer DJM 400/600/700/800.

Normal Technical Rider:

– 2x Techniks SL 1200 (Or similar).
– Tonar banana Styluses are preferred.

– 2x Pioneer CDJ 1000 MK3 (Or similar).
– 1x Pioneer DJM 600/700/800 (I prefer Pioneer mixers over any other. If yours differs, feel free to ask, but I can rock any mixer.)


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