Today was the first day of 4×4, ‘Creative solutions for corporate problems’.

“Vier keer vier” (Dutch: Four by four) is an initiative by “De ondernemers” (Dutch: The entrepreneurs) to help corporations solve problems by helping artists develop their business skills. A good deal don’t you think? Me personaly, I love a good challenge every now and then, and I’ve been wanting to develop my communicational and “out-of-the-box thinking” skills.

But first: Let me introduce to you, my team!

Jitske Hagens – Photographer
Sietske van der Meij
– Illustrator
Sebastiaan Kral – Web-developer & video-editor

As you can see, we could easily do a full-blown multimedia project together!

Don’t take all the fun and games for granted, cause this is hard work! My team and me talked with the managers of the company who’s problem we are going to try and solve. The conversation started well, with us trying to figure out where the “sweet spot” is. But, it needed some spice. So our guide and counselor for this project, Eric de Groot, stepped in and threw some fuel on the proverbial fire. Thanks to this, we got a little closer to the real issue. The meeting ended with both parties having a clearer picture of where the problem might lie, and what’s needed to be done in the following weeks.

Straight after the meeting, our team had to present our action-plan of what we are going to do, to help the company solve the issue. Which was followed by a very nice curry meal.

Again, this was hard! But, I’ve already learned so much today:
When doing an assignment, ask the right questions. Don’t just point and shoot, try and see what their point of view is, exactly as they see it. Get to the bottom of things.

And maybe you’ll figure something out that they havn’t yet…

To be continued!


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